Cobaltous sulfate
  Cobaltous chloride
  Cobaltous oxalate
  Cobalt acetate
  Cobaltous oxide
  Cobalt nitrate
  Cobaltous carbonate
  Cobalt sulfamic acid
  Nickelous nitrate
  Nickelous carbonate
  Nickel sulfate
  Nickel sulfamic acid
  Nickel chloride
  Nickel acetate
  Nickel oxide
  Nickel oxalate
  Chrome Chloride
  Chrome Nitrate
Product name Specification Packing
Cobaltous sulfate Co:>20% Bag
Cobaltous chloride
Co:>24% Pail
Cobaltous oxalate Co:31-32% Bag
Cobalt acetate Content£º98%.99.5% Pail
Cobaltous oxide Co:70%, 72% 74% Pail
Cobalt nitrate Content£º98%¡¢99.5% Pail¡¢Bag
Cobaltous carbonate Co:40-45% 12-16% Pail
Cobalt sulfamic acid Content£º>98% 50%£¨liquid£© Pail
Nickelous nitrate Content£º>98% Bag
Nickelous carbonate Ni: >15% 40% 45% Bag
Nickel sulfate Ni: >21.5% 22% Bag
Nickel sulfamic acid
Content£º> 98% 50%£¨liquid£© Bag
Nickel chloride Ni: 72% 74% 76% Pail
Nickel acetate Content£º98% Bag¡¢Pail
Nickel oxide Ni: >24% Bag
Nickel oxalate Ni: 30% Bag
Chrome Chloride Content£º> 98% Bag
Chrome Nitrate Content£º> 98% Bag
Note:and the reagent grade of above products
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